Beginning your “green” journey

And how to make sense of all the buzzwords


There’s so much hype surrounding “eco-friendliness”, “carbon footprint”, “chemical free”, “water saving”, “energy efficiency”, “fuel efficiency”, “reduce recycle re-use”, “organic” and so many, many more….

But what does all of this actually mean?

It’s quite simple. Clean water, fresh air and healthy, tasty foods – the very basic bare essentials for survival.

We live in exciting times, with so much information literally at the tip of our fingers. Everyone knows something and wants to share advice from their experiences, articles and books they have read.

Yet we are all uniquely different and have different needs at different times. This journey is about meeting all these needs… but with consciousness. We can’t hide and pretend that our choices don’t have an impact on the people and world around us anymore. Scientific advances have made sure that we are fully aware of the impact our choices have before we make them.

After years of research, do I have all the answers. No.

Do I only consume chemical free, organic foods and am I completely off the grid. Again, no

But I aspire to be…

Contributing positively to myself, my loved ones, my community, the environment and this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth.

So lets start this journey, the “green journey”; step by step, day by day and taking it all the way back to the basics and make our way to our own individual finish line.


So where to begin?

Home sweet home, of course.

Your home is the essence of where it all begins, and just by making changes to:

your food choices;
the appliances you use;
the way you conserve energy;
the water you drink and bathe in;
the products you use clean your home;
your personal care products;
and many more (we will cover all of them, leaving no stone unturned).

Let me (and the experts out there) show you, week by week, how you too can make small and large changes, that evolve with your needs and your budget. How you too can jump on board and live a greener, happier, healthier life and show you that you are also contributing positively to yourself, your loved ones, your community, the environment and this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth….

All from the comfort of your own home!!

Welcome to our team at AllWays.Green, a community where we share, learn and grow together… yet at our own pace.

Now lets lighten this up and go to the Heart of the Home, the Kitchen…

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