Why have your fresh local produce delivered?

Reminder to get your fresh produce orders in from 12pm on Monday to 12pm Tuesday (some until Tuesday evening). Please support your local farmers.

Do you order your weekly fresh produce online to be delivered, but Monday and Tuesday slip by before you know it?  Well, here is your reminder!

Have you always wanted to order your fresh produce online?  Click here for a list of businesses that will deliver fresh local produce right to your doorstep.

So what are the advantages of having your fresh local produce delivered?

Well, apart from supporting your local farmers, here are just some of the benefits, both personally and environmentally:

Reduces impulse buys

Yes, that ruiner of budgets can easily raise it’s ugly head while you’re roaming the aisles of your local supermarket. Major supermarket chains spend small fortunes on marketing that take advantage of your (or your kid’s) desires, usually leaving you with something you don’t need and a healthy dose of buyer’s remorse. Rather buy exactly what you need, in the quantities you need, and as fresh as possible, all from the comfort of your own home.

Less carbon emission

Not as obvious a benefit, but important nonetheless. Getting your fresh produce delivered direct from local farmers cuts out most of the transport (and packaging) emissions generated in getting the produce to your local supermarket. And that’s not to mention what’s involved in getting you to the supermarket.

Packed fresh from the farm

Nothing beats fresh organic produce direct from the farm. It’s healthier, tastier and so much better for the environment.

Remember, even the small things you do to protect the environment make a huge difference in the long run. So take a load off and get it delivered!


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