The Kitchen is truly the ‘Heart of the Home’

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“Eat well, live simple, laugh often”

We spend hours a day bustling in and out of the kitchen, smelling all those sweet, spicy, rich, aromatic, brewing, or baked arrrromas (roll off the tongue). From that first cuppa joe in the morning to start the day, to the last cup to unwind, this is were we gather with family and friends to converse as we eat, drink, share, love and laugh. But on taking a closer look, you will notice that there’s so much more to this wonderful space. Personally, it’s my favourite space in the house. For me, The Kitchen is truly the “Heart of the Home”, and even more so on the “green” journey.

I prefer quick, simple and easy meals, but let’s put the cooking and baking aside for now and look at our actual kitchen, how it branches out to the rest of the house, the backyard (or pot plants) and far far beyond.

If you only ever make eco-friendly changes in the kitchen, you will have conquered the universe.

Let me try break down these areas of change so you can see where I am going with this:

Fresh, clean, sweet, crisp water on tap
Which water and filtration method is recommended to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

“Suck the life out of my pocket” appliances
How to choose appliances with great energy ratings, that will last.

A clean home is a happy home (even when it is messy)
Why choose chemical free products? And easy alternatives.

Packaging and recycling… around and around we go
The best ways to get the most out of how we store our foods, and what to recycle.

Food, glorious food. In the pantry, in the fridge, just about everywhere
Taking a look at the food we eat and how to upgrade our choices.

Ready for that extra step, experience the RAW kitchen
A kitchen full of fun, sometimes expensive gadgets, that will pay off in the long term. Everyone should have a little RAW in their kitchen.

Now, I know these topics don’t sound like much, and they most certainly don’t need to be done in any order, but as we tackle each section you will see how it impacts your health, the environment, and your pocket. You can then decide which ones are relevant to you and which ones you want to implement. Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight but we can start by upgrading our choices, and let them unfold one by one.

So without further ado, let’s start at the beginning with which is undoubtedly the most important topic… water.

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