Eat 2 Live

This interesting company name was born out an observation that many of us live to eat, and have lost sight of the purpose of “why do we eat?”

The truth is that the real intended purpose of food was/is to nourish our bodies for health and life. Today food has become a curse rather than a blessing. Much of the food that we eat today is destructive and debilitating to the body.
With all the above mentioned many of us have to learn how to eat again in a way that is beneficial to our health and well being. Eat 2 Live was founded on the idea of being able to provide a healthier alternative to some of the more popular foods today by providing “transitional food/diet’’. Food products that allow one to comfortably transition to a heathier plant based or vegan diet, food that are free of
cholesterol, chemical additives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) etc.


BBQ Bif Burger

Shicken (Tofu) Burger

Vegan Steak

BBQ Ribs

Souther Schnitzel

Beechwood Bif Slices

Hickory Shicken Slices

Battered Tofu Cutlets

Smoked BBQ Tofu

Smoked Seasoned Tofu

Regular Vegan Butter

Golden Cheddar Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese

Muenster Cheese

Gouda Cheese

Vacon Tempeh


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