Wellness Warehouse – Flamingo Square

Wellness Warehouse is South Africa’s leading health and wellness retailer. Established in 2007, Wellness Warehouse has expanded rapidly and now has more than 15 stores and two Wellness Cafes, as well as an online shop.

Our flagship store on Kloof Street in Cape Town has a pharmacy, a nursing sister, a Wellness Café, a specialist food store, and the most comprehensive ranges of supplements and natural remedies available.

Wellness Warehouse is committed to a 360⁰ approach to wellness, offering holistic health solutions that cater to every aspect of wellbeing. Our highly trained staff are always available to offer advice on living, looking, loving, moving, eating, being, and feeling well.

You’ll find everything you need for diabetic and other special diets, supplements and natural remedies, organic baby and family care, sports nutrition, natural beauty products, books, exercise gear, and more.


On a global scale the Wellness revolution is gaining momentum. More and more people are choosing to live life well – a life that embodies total wellbeing and optimum health. Awareness of holistic, alternative and complementary healing methods, positive thinking, stress reducing exercise, nurturing body products, and organic and enviro-friendly food are all part of this exciting journey towards wellness.

The Wellness revolution is not a fad or a trend; it’s a way of existing in the world that permeates every aspect of our lifestyle. It influences the way we eat, exercise, sleep, work, age and think.

With this in mind The Wellness Warehouse is proud to present South Africa’s first retail concept combining all aspects of healthy living together under one roof – a total solution for healthy shopping.

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Flamingo Square Centre, Blaauwberg Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Operating Hours

Monday-Friday - 09:00-18:00 Saturday - 09:00-15:00 Sunday - 09:00-14:00 Public Holidays - 09:00-13:00

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